Lessons from the pandemic situation

It was March 8th, when I last ventured out of my home without wearing a mask. Since then, stepping out has meant elaborate preparations to ensure staying safe. The last few months were not easy. From buying grocery to taking my child out for her vaccination, every activity requires pre planning and preparing. On the flip side, I cannot deny that the pandemic, the lockdown blues and the new normal have taught me a few things as well.

1. To take charge of life

The pandemic situation made it necessary to focus on a healthy lifestyle including a balanced diet, physical activity and of course mental well being. Also, I am trying to manage anger and anxiety better now.

2. To focus on the pursuit of happiness

The fear surrounding the unknown disease with no cure or no fullproof assurance of prevention, made me realise that life is very short. We never know what tomorrow holds in store for us. Each day deserves to be devoted more to the pursuit of hope and happiness than complaint and despair.

3. To see people beyond their words

I am learning to see people beyond their words. People say things and sometimes even they do not realise the impact it has on others. Also, the binaries of right and wrong makes a personality. So, I am trying to accept people as they are.

4. To live in the present

The last few months have taught me that brooding about neither the past nor the future is of any use. All that matters right now is that I am living this moment and I should make the most of it.

5. To be proud of myself

Over the last few months, I realised that I am indeed capable of managing a lot more than I could have ever imagined. The present situation is definitely taking on our nerves, but then this was totally unexpected. Once in a while, patting yourself for having reached so far in your life truly helps.

The best thing I learnt over the last few months is living each day as it comes. Hope the pandemic ends soon and the lessons learnt live with me for ever.

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