Tackling anger, anxiety and the pandemic blues

As I write this blog today, we have almost been surviving nine months of a pandemic situation. We are close to a phase where the vaccine for COVID 19 is about to hit the market, and this is the most awaited news right now.

The noise of ambulances going around the city has risen over the regular traffic noise. The watsapp group notifications of people falling ill with the disease in the complex have become a frequent daily phenomenon. Recently I realised that the nine months of staying inside the house has taken so much on my nerves that I had started having anger issues. The fear and anxiety of the virus had created such stress that I found myself angry over little things that I would not have ever bothered. Over the last one month, I have tried incorporating certain understandings and changes in my life that have helped me cope better with anger, anxiety and the pandemic blues.

1. Acknowledging having anger issues and anxiety:

It is important to realise that you are ‘not ok’ and ‘it is ok not to be ok’. Accepting this h. The next step of course is starting to think about ways to get over this difficult phase.

2. Talk about it:

Talking about a problem makes you bring into perspective your problems. Talk to whoever you feel comfortable – friend, parents, sibling, teacher or spouse. Also, seek professional help from a therapist if you feel the need.

3. Find out prospective triggers of anger/ anxiety:

I find hunger and sleep deprivation the worst triggers of anger and anxiety for me. So, I started taking care that I have my meals and sleep on time.

4. Stay away from negative influence:

This is very important since in times like this, nothing and no one harms you as much as a negative influence. Do not hesitate to stay away from anything or anyone that hurts your existence.

5. Relax and meditate:

Someone has very rightly called meditation the food for soul. For the last few weeks, I have been meditating a few minutes before going to bed and this practice has helped me immensely to overcome my anger and anxiety.

6. Create a happy immediate environment:

This is the most challenging yet the most important time to create a happy and healthy immediate environment around you. If you enjoy gardening, go for a walk if you like it, bring in some green to your interiors; indulge in any hobby or activity for happiness, and surround yourself with optimistic people and positive vibes.

7. Let go:

Letting go is sometimes very tough. But the more you stick to anger and anxiety, the worse it becomes. Letting go of grudges, ego, the words and actions of people, anxiety and fear of the future, and of habits of the self is not very easy, but we can always try.

This is not an easy year for us. We are still fighting the war against the pandemic, only that the weapons are missing on our side and the virus is tiring us out. So, all we can bank on right now is hope and prayer for a new morning that will announce us humans victorious against the pandemic.

Disclaimer: This blog is not an ultimate guide to tackling anger and anxiety, as I am not a mental health expert. These are just a few things that have helped me address my problem. Anger and anxiety issues are serious concerns and sometimes need immediate consultation with a professional therapist.

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