How to keep the blues at bay during the holiday season

The blues and the holiday season do not go together. True, but this year is like no other. Let us admit, accept and acknowledge that we are in the midst of a difficult situation – a pandemic that has taken a toll on lives all over the world. All we can do about it is take preventive measures, wear masks, wash hands, sanitise everything and observe social distancing, and hope and pray that the vaccines that are about to arrive help us fight back against the invisible enemy.

Nevertheless, the holiday season is here again, and it calls for celebration. The festivities exist much to mark a new beginning with joy even when things are falling apart. Life must go on – thats what we are said. Here’s how you can keep the holiday season fun at home.

1. Usher in the good cheer to your home

At a time like this, it is very important to bring home some good cheer. Revamp your home decor, rearrange your furniture, set up a christmas tree, light up the home, cook a happy meal, bake a cake and do all that makes your home warm and happy. The good vibes and good cheer go on to make a huge difference in our everyday life.

2. Spend time with family and friends

The festive season is a lot about spending time with near and dear ones, and that is what we have been following as a tradition. So get together with your family. If you stay alone, connect with your family and friends over phone and video calls.

3. Chill at home

For the last one year, you have been probably spending a lot of time at home, either working at or from home. This holiday season you deserve a break more than anyone, and there’s definitely more than one way to chill at home. You can watch the classic movies, binge watch tv shows, or consider reading books. You may also catch up on something creative like glass painting, learning pottery or writing poetry.

4. Send good cheer to those in need

Yes, you need to think about those in need now more than ever. So, besides bringing in the good cheer and warmth to your own home, light up a smile for someone else too. This is not necessarily about sending gifts, but something as simple as a phone call can also cheer someone up.

5. Believe that better times will be here soon

All times good and bad do end sooner or later. One day very soon, the pandemic will end and we will breathe in peace. Till then, we are much on prayers, but hope needs to be kept alive at this hour.

The other day, I saw my good old friend’s picture on watsapp, in which she had posed beautifully beside a Christmas tree. Now my lovely jolly friend’s personality is such that she always brings good cheer for me. When I complimented her, she said it was an old picture. But, somehow the smile brought in great joy for me! Perhaps such is charm of the festivities!

Merry Christmas! Keep blues at bay and have a great weekend! 🙂

Disclaimer: This blog does not aim to influence a toxic positivity. I believe that the first step to bring about good cheer in times like these is to accept that the situation is difficult and then do things that can make you feel better.


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