My plans for the new year 2021

A new year brings with it the promise of a fresh beginning. Though it is actually all about a change in the digits of the year on the calendar, but we associate this simple with a lot more.

The year 2020 was like no other, we have witnessed the worst pandemic of our lifetime. There were severities that we had to deal with – death, disease, unemployment, and above everything else fear of the very little known and new corona virus. Perhaps, we had too much happening around in a year. Even with the new year, we have not yet been able to leave the fear behind. Nevertheless, the vaccine is here and soon we might be able to return to a more normal kind of life.

I like to begin my day with a smile (though on some days, it becomes difficult and I manage a grin). Likewise, I greet each year with high hopes. This year I made additional efforts in my mind to make a better beginning. The new year was spent indoors with my little family. We watched movies over the weekend and enjoyed good meals. And now we are already two weeks into the new year.

This year I am planning to read and write more than I did in the few years. Reading and writing are the two things I enjoy most. I have made a whole list of books to be read and the ones to re-read (I will share it in a blog soon). I also hope to keep blogging regularly this year. I am trying to reduce my screen time and take time off from social media occasionally.

I have also lately realised the importance of self-love and the value of me-time. So, this year, I will be investing a lot more towards staying mentally and physically healthy. I want to work on my anger issues. It has cropped up mostly as post partum, and the pandemic and lockdown has made it worse. So, I am going to try to be more patient and less angry.

I hope by the year ends, things will fall into place once again and travelling will not be such challenging. So, I am secretly hoping and praying that once the pandemic ends, I can travel to Kolkata and visit my parents. It has now been over a year that I met them.

Looking forward to a year as 365 days of opportunities is an optimistic approach indeed. However, things may not always go in accordance to plans. We live much of our lives on hopes alone, and I find it truly beautiful.


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