Why is “me time” so important for parents

We all need time to take a break from our busy schedules, relax and unwind for a while. This is what ‘me time’ is all about. It takes your mind off the things that it is usually occupied with. Every parent needs this valuable ‘me time’ too, though this is most often pushed aside as unnecessary. However, what we forget is that we are all human beings, and not machines that can work without stopping.

The journey of parenthood starts from the day a child is conceived. A lot changes in our lives when we transition to parenthood. For the mother, it is a whole different world altogether. She undergoes so many changes at physical, physiological, psychological, emotional, mental and hormonal levels. She is now entrusted with the complete responsibility of a newborn. Parenthood brings along its own wave of changes to the father too. The responsibilities just go on increasing as the child grows. The days are not easy and often parents feel drained. This necessitates the need for ‘me-time’ for parents.

As parents, it is very important to take a break as often as you need it, and it should be guilt-free too. Go on a vacation if the days exhaust you. If you cannot do that, just give yourself some time to unwind each day. Indulge in simple hobbies or activities that delight you. Catch up with friends whose company can give you a breath of fresh air. Also, it is best if you refrain from gadgets during ‘me time’.

I realised the value of ‘me time’ very recently. I had never imagined that I would have to manage my little one without any help, but then the pandemic happened and I suddenly found myself with a lot to do all day. It was tiring me out mentally and physically. My husband helped me but he had an exhausting twelve hour job. I was working round the clock, without taking a break, until one day I had a breakdown and realised the need to slow down and unwind at once. I started giving myself an hour each day to read, write, doodle, walk and meditate. This indulgence of an hour each day has helped me immensely, not only by giving me the much sought after fresh air and energy, but also it has taken care of my anger and anxiety issues and made me more patient. I now truly value self-care and ‘me-time’ and intend to keep this a part of my every day.

Parenting is not easy. It is a learning experience, each day you learn the art a little bit, and over time you learn how to manage things in the best manner. There are good days, there are tough ones, and some very difficult days. But you sail through the days until one day you realise your kid has grown up. If you are a parent (it does not really matter how little or how old your child is), please pause from your busy schedule and give yourself the much needed break every now and then.


  1. “me time”, literally don’t have that. I’ll start now.
    Parenting isn’t easy, I agree. I salute my mom and every other parent out there. Y’all are doing amazing work in raising future leaders.

    Thanks for this.

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