Fruits and Oats Smoothie

Summer is here and mercury touches a good high in my city, Mumbai, between the months of April and June. By the middle of June, we are usually blessed with the monsoons. Right now, however, summer is at its peak. So, on most days I look for a cooler alternative to my regular bowl of oats for breakfast. The easiest breakfast fix for me these days is fruits and oats smoothie along with boiled eggs. The fruits and oats smoothie is cool, refreshing, filling and healthy. Here’s how I make it.


Oats 1/2 cup

Frozen strawberries 10

Bananas 2

Skim milk 1 cup

Flax seeds powder 1 teaspoon

Almond powder 1 tablespoon

Honey/ dates (optional)


In a large mixing jar, add all the ingredients and blend it to a smooth consistency. Pour into a tall glass. Your healthy smoothie is ready. You may add a teaspoon of honey or 2-3 dates to make it more yummy. If you are vegan, you may add any plant based milk like almond, coconut or soy milk. Also, you may substitute milk with yogurt.

You can have this as a part of your breakfast or as a delightful and refreshing drink any time of the day. This glass full of fruits and oats smoothie comes with the promise of making the tiring sunny days cool for you.


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