What’s the big deal about looking perfect

A few days ago, I received a message from my fifteen year old neice. She sent me a picture of hers. I replied, “My sweet one, I love you so much”. She texted back, “Oh no, can’t you see my pimple? The festivals are just around the corner; can you imagine me looking horrible in all the pictures?” I was touched by her words. I called her up and told her that pimples are mostly hormonal and they do come and go. But she kept telling me how embarrassing it was for her. Her friends would point her pimple out everytime they hang together.

I thought about this conversation later and tried to analyse a few things regarding her concern over a tiny pimple. Often people make others conscious about these little flaws by pointing out these things. Also, the struggle to look perfect is real, thanks to social media, it takes a huge toll on our mental health.

Appearance is so much talked about. The entire fashion industry is driven by appearance. We all like to hear that we are looking good. There are unrealistic beauty standards that we strive to meet, and also subject others to scrutiny if they don’t adhere to those standards. We go on editing our own pictures, concealing our dark circles, acne, blemishes and scars, and then using different filters to cover up our tiniest flaws. But how important it is exactly to look good? Is having a pretty face all that matters in our lives?

I tried looking for answers.

Each human being appears unique, not perfect, just like our lives. A pimple, a scar or a blemish is not what defines us, nor is our height, weight or hair or the colour of our skin. We are a lot more than how we look. And if looking perfect is all that matters in life, then we need to change our perspective. There is nothing better than being proud of yourself – proud of everything that makes you, including all the imperfections.

We see a beautiful picture of a place and acknowledge its beauty, and of course that is how it appears, it just has one dimension. But as human beings made up of a lot more than flesh and blood (having so many dimensions), are we not limiting ourselves just to how our face appears? Why can we not have a finer vision to see people more than their appearance? When we point out pimples, acne, blemishes or scars for people, they already know about it, or even might be struggling to conceal it, so it is futile to point out flaws. Moreover, is a tiny pimple all that the person is? No, they are a lot more than that. Also, the act of pointing out flaws and judging people by appearance is rude. So, let’s not subject ourselves nor others to scrutiny over looks, and rise above the need to look perfect. Let’s make body positivity a trend.


  1. What you say is true. I’ve wondered about people who only focus on outward beauty, how can they not understand the immeasurable value of inner beauty? I focus on what my ‘gut’ tells me about people. Most of us can ‘sense’ sincerity, integrity, kindness, deep thoughts, and helpfulness. The most beautiful people have a beauty in the depth of their being, not painted on. I’ve been in conversations with people who’ve considered plastic surgery. I found it baffling, I see them as perfectly beautiful already – I don’t see lines, bags, sags, weight, color. I see great hearts and minds. Those are the ‘beautiful things’. And if we want to make ‘improvements’, those are the things we should start with.

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